Infographic - Money Tips from Warren Buffett

5 Habits to Manage Your Money Like Warren Buffett [Infographic]

If your family is working toward financial freedom, eliminating debt, or simply getting your finances in order, developing smart habits is important for success. Not only do healthy money habits help you achieve your financial goals, they are great lessons to teach our children about managing money. Continue reading

Should I Buy It Chart - Raising Savers

“Should I Buy It?” A Helpful Chart for Frugal Families

The past year, our family has made simple changes to spend less and save more. We’ve become more frugal and more intentional about our spending and our savings. At the same time, it can be hard to separate needs from wants. It is hard to pull the emotions out of spending. After all, spending is fun! It gives us a rush, a feeling of accomplishment, a high. This is true for us and for our kids.
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