Our Budget & Savings Rate for a Family of Four

We’re not your typical young, super-high earning professionals working toward financial independence. We’re Xennials pushing 40, we have one primary income, we have two growing boys, we live in a higher-cost-of-living area — and we’re on target to reach financial independence in less than ten years after setting down the path.

It’s not sexy, nor is it perfect, but I’m sharing our monthly budget to show how a fairly “normal” family can budget, save, and invest enough to work toward financial independence without winning the lottery.

Here is our monthly budget (and savings rate) for our family of four.  Continue reading

How We Paid Off $61,700 in Debt and Plan to Retire by 2021

I often hear the question, “how much debt were you in and what is your net worth now?” It took some serious Debt CSI to uncover our debt, assets, and net worth since 2006, but the results were quite revealing. In 2009/2010 we had a high of $61,700 in consumer debt and a net worth of -$74,000. In a few short years, we dug out of this pile of debt and currently have a net worth of over $500,000. Here’s our numbers story. Continue reading

March Spending Freeze – Did We Pass or Fail?

Last month, we went on a spending freeze to reset our spending and increase our savings.

As we wrote about here, our goal for March was to eliminate all unnecessary spending — to go on a spending freeze or “buy nothing” month. Did we pass or fail?

Here’s how we did and what we learned. Continue reading

March Budget (and Spending Freeze)

🎵 🎵 “We’re going on a spending freeze, a spending freeze, a spending freeze. We’re going on a spending freeze, will we succeed?”🎵 🎵

As we’ve written about before, we periodically do a spending freeze (or “no spend”) month when we want to reign in our spending and reset our mentality about buying unnecessary stuff.

So, here’s our plan and budget for March. We’re sharing to keep us accountable. Wanna join us? Continue reading

Spending from Your Emergency Fund? How to Rebound

Spending From Your Emergency Fund – How to Rebound

Overall, June has been an awesome month. End of the school year activities, daily hiking and outdoor time, and a house full of laughter and shenanigans. But man, am I happy the month is over. Why? It’s been an expensive month.

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How We Cut Our $1,500/month Grocery Bill in Half


When my husband and I first met, enjoying great food was one way we immediately connected. We cooked each other new recipes, ate out often, entertained friends with fancy meals, and regularly splurged on tasty craft beers and wines. Add a large dog and two growing boys to the mix, and it’s no surprise our food and dining bill regularly exceeded $1,500 a month.

Ouch, right!?

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