How (and Why) We Became a One-Car Family

How to become a one-car family

Last year, we decided to give back our leased car and become a one-car family. We often get questions about how we “get by” with only one car, especially as a busy family of four. Here’s why we decided to go this route, and how we do it. Continue reading

Ditching Paper Towels for Good

How to ditch paper towels for good!

A few months ago, I was shopping at Costco for our large monthly grocery haul. Paper towels were on the list, and as I stared at the mega box our family would blow through, I thought, “Do I really want to spend $20 on paper towels?” The answer was no. Instead,  I bought a dozen white dish towels for $10. Without giving it much preemptive thought, operation ditch paper towels had begun. Continue reading

Creating A Meaningful Christmas on a Budget

Christmas Doesn't Have to Break the Bank - Creating a meaningful Christmas on a budget

Growing up, my most vivid memories involve the magic of Christmas. Visiting Santa, shopping and wrapping gifts, performing in the Christmas pageant, enjoying a special family dinner, and eagerly waking up on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought. Continue reading

Spending Freeze – 10 Tips to Make it Successful

Spending Freeze - 10 Tips to Make it Succesful

Whether you’re tightening your budget, going on a finance diet, or recovering from spending emergency funds, a spending freeze is a useful tactic to get your budget back on track.

For our family, a spending freeze is a conscious decision to only spend money on essential expenses. It goes beyond just adjusting our budget line items. It’s a mentality shift. And it works. Here are ten tips for making a spending freeze successful. Continue reading

The Power of Small Changes for Big Savings

Small Changes, Big Savings - Raising Savers Blog

When our family started getting serious about saving for an early retirement, we knew decreasing our spending was a key part of the plan. At first, this seems daunting. Could we really make a meaningful dent in our spending? Would small changes really add up?

The encouraging answer is yes!

Regardless of your financial situation or goals, it is powerful to know that small changes do make a difference. 

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“Should I Buy It?” A Helpful Chart for Frugal Families

Should I Buy It Chart - Raising Savers

The past year, our family has made simple changes to spend less and save more. We’ve become more frugal and more intentional about our spending and our savings. At the same time, it can be hard to separate needs from wants. It is hard to pull the emotions out of spending. After all, spending is fun! It gives us a rush, a feeling of accomplishment, a high. This is true for us and for our kids.
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15 Free (or Cheap) Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

Free Summer Kids Activities

School’s out for the summer! The season of sunny weather, family vacations, and activities galore is here. With so many options to entertain and educate kids in the summer, it is easy to spend a lot of money on camps, workshops, and activities. Luckily, there are plenty of free and inexpensive summer activities for the kids, too.

What are they? Here’s my go-to list of 15 free or cheap summer kids activities.

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