“Light Bulb:” Changing Our Family’s Mindset on Spending and Saving

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how incredible a simple shift in our family’s mindset on spending (and saving) created such a big change in our financial trajectory.

Sure, our path toward getting out of debt and planning for financial independence has been a process with very intentional actions, but first we had to change our family’s mindset on spending and saving.

We are now thinking about money in a new way – not as a tool to “buy, buy, buy” but as a tool to secure freedom and independence (while also living a bad ass life).

As Gru from Despicable Me loves to say… “Light. Bulb.”

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The Power of Small Changes for Big Savings

When our family started getting serious about saving for an early retirement, we knew decreasing our spending was a key part of the plan. At first, this seems daunting. Could we really make a meaningful dent in our spending? Would small changes really add up?

The encouraging answer is yes!

Regardless of your financial situation or goals, it is powerful to know that small changes do make a difference. 

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Infographic - Money Tips from Warren Buffett

5 Habits to Manage Your Money Like Warren Buffett [Infographic]

If your family is working toward financial freedom, eliminating debt, or simply getting your finances in order, developing smart habits is important for success. Not only do healthy money habits help you achieve your financial goals, they are great lessons to teach our children about managing money. Continue reading

Our Family’s Path to Financial Independence

Father and Son Walking Together Holding Hands

When we tell family, friends, and colleagues we want to retire in less than ten years we get a mix of responses – looks of confusion, positive support (sometimes followed by a list of objections), and curiosity.

In fact, if you told me two years ago we could save enough to be financially independent in ten years I probably would have reacted this way, too.

So, how did we get on a path to financial independence (FI)?
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