20 Simple Ways Kids Can Make Money

Encouraging kids to make and earn their own money is a fantastic lesson in finances, and it teaches them the value of hard work.

In our family, we generally don’t buy “things” for our kids unless it is needed, time-sensitive, or a special occasion. Rather, we help our kids earn and save their own money so they can make their own spending and saving decisions.

The result? We’ve had a lot of conversations with our older son about how he can make his own money. Some of the ideas are conventional. Others are really creative and entrepreneurial. What are they? Here is our list – 20 simple ideas for kids and teens to make their own money.

PS: I’d love to hear your ideas, too! Leave a comment at the end with how your children are making their own money.

20 Simple Ways Kids Can Make Money

Oh, and I suppose it goes without saying, but parental help or involvement may be needed depending on the activity and on age of your child or teen. That being said… let them take the initiative, support their ideas, and remember – it’s okay if they fail!

  1. Host a neighborhood lemonade stand.
  2. Buy candy bars, sodas, and snacks in bulk and resell them with a markup.
  3. Organize and run a garage sale.
  4. Clean out old toys, books, video games, and clothes. Sell newer items on Craigslist, consignment stores, used book stores, eBay, OfferUp, Facebook, etc.
  5. Create a YouTube channel, blog, or podcast. Our son is working on building a YouTube channel featuring Lego builds and reviews (link coming soon!).
  6. Help neighbors or family members with housework, yard work, or pet care. Older kids can also house sit.
  7. Do extra chores and odd jobs around the house.
  8. Get a paper route. Or, if you’re old enough, get a job.
  9. Make cards around the holidays to sell to neighbors (or other kinds of arts and crafts).
  10. Babysit or be a mom’s helper.
  11. Crafty? Start an Etsy.com shop to sell your goods.
  12. Sell water or snacks at the beach or at sporting events (make sure mom or dad help with any required permitting).
  13. Collect and recycle cans and bottles.
  14. Create and sell shirts, coffee mugs, etc. on Cafepress.com.
  15. Have a neighborhood bake sale.
  16. Set up a neighborhood car wash.
  17. Tutor classmates in school subjects, coding, art, etc.
  18. Ask your parents if you can help with their “busy” work, such as filing, paperwork, shredding, etc.
  19. Around the holidays, offer to wrap presents for family and friends.
  20. And lastly, don’t spend all the money you earn. Earning interest on your savings via the bank or “bank of mom and dad” is a great way to make money!


How are your kids making their own money?

Leave a reply below! If we get enough comments, we’ll do a follow-up post highlighting (and crediting) your ideas.

20 Simple Ways Kids Can Make Money

11 thoughts on “20 Simple Ways Kids Can Make Money

  1. Jill Wiley says:

    My 12yo has been making her own money since she was 2. 😉 We have always sold her old toys and clothes to buy new ones. When she was 5 she wanted a computer… said to me, “Mommy, I have an idea. How about I make jewelry and you sell it online?” — we ran with it and she opened an easy shop and earned enough for her computer. She is a very money conscientious girl… we are very proud. 🙂


  2. Jacqueline Rosa-Kuhn says:

    These are all great ideas. Unfortunately, when they are really young, that means WE need to get involved to help and supervise, meaning extra work (lol), but it’s all in the name of teaching them the value of money!

    When our kids were young, they did several lemonade stands, and garage sales of toys, and they were a total hit!

    Joyful Savings recently posted: Hacks You’ll Absolutely Love!


    • Christina (Mrs. Saver) says:

      I hear you! My six year old has SO many ideas, some of them quite complex and creative. I have to remind myself to say yes (when I want to say no because it sounds SO time consuming), or helping him start with little steps. Of course, he wants to do it all NOW! 😉


  3. Mystery Money Man says:

    Great post Christine, I love these ideas. I’m going to share them with my 13-year old daughter, who’s still a bit too young for her first part time job, but desperately wants more opportunities to earn money, outside of babysitting! : )


  4. Ms. Montana says:

    We also have our kids do all sorts of work for money. The apples are falling like crazy off our trees, so they get to pick up a bucket of apples for .50 cents. I try to find jobs that they can handle 80% on their own. With 5 little ones, it’s too overwhelming if I have to be there step by step for the whole thing every time. But even the 3 year old is good at wiping the coffee table off and filling the dog dishes.


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