Infographic - Money Tips from Warren Buffett

5 Habits to Manage Your Money Like Warren Buffett [Infographic]

If your family is working toward financial freedom, eliminating debt, or simply getting your finances in order, developing smart habits is important for success. Not only do healthy money habits help you achieve your financial goals, they are great lessons to teach our children about managing money.

I recently stumbled across an infographic by Monty Campbell outlining Warren Buffett’s five best habits for managing money and achieving financial freedom.

These five habits struck a chord with how we are aiming to manage our money and lessons we want to teach our kids about money.

Here they are.

5 Healthy Money Habits

  1. Avoid toys. Say no to luxurious items that reduce wealth.
  2. Be frugal. Always look for bargains and wait for a good price.
  3. Slow down. Don’t let emotions rule your decisions about money.
  4. No debt. Save. Begin the practice of saving today. Every dollar counts.
  5. Buy Modestly. Buy less home than you can afford and become rich.

Infographic – Manage Your Money Like Warren Buffett

Infographic - Money Tips from Warren Buffett

Infographic Source – The Financial Freedom Blog (

What Do You Think? Is this how you are managing your money? Leave a comment below!

4 thoughts on “5 Habits to Manage Your Money Like Warren Buffett [Infographic]

  1. Shawna says:

    My son always says I’m cheap, because I bargain shop! He don’t understand why when I have the money to buy what I want. Warren Buffett is my financial role model, I have grown so much by following his ways.


  2. Marina says:

    My son is sympathetic to my saving, so he saves too. We adopt the 70-20-10 rule for his saving, but my son, being the little jew – he insists “its okay, I will save 30% rather than save 20% and give away 10%! Its my money and I worked for it (he does dishes and hangs the washing)

    When he was little and got money to do present shopping – he would keep the present money, as well as money he received for christmas, and as soon as we pass his bank – he would throw himself down, crying and insisting the money must go into his account- “But your money is at home, not here” is my reply. He then tells me “But you have money on you!”
    Shoo..gotta love that little jew.


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