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“Should I Buy It?” A Helpful Chart for Frugal Families

The past year, our family has made simple changes to spend less and save more. We’ve become more frugal and more intentional about our spending and our savings. At the same time, it can be hard to separate needs from wants. It is hard to pull the emotions out of spending. After all, spending is fun! It gives us a rush, a feeling of accomplishment, a high. This is true for us and for our kids.

What has helped us is using this simple chart,“Should I Buy It?” We hope you find it helpful, too! (Tip: You can download the PDF here – for free!.)

Should we buy it Chart for Frugal Families

The 5 Questions

To summarize, here are the five questions to ask when wondering if you should really buy it.

1. Do We Really Need It? (Will it increase our happiness, solve a problem, or improve my life?)

If no, don’t buy it.

If Yes…

2. Can I make it, build it, or find it for free on Buy Nothing or Craigslist?

If yes, “buy” it!

If no…

3. Can I afford it?

If no, don’t buy it. Save for it. 

If yes…

4. Can I find it at a discounted price through Craigslist, garage sales, closeouts, coupons, generic products, etc.?

If yes, buy it!

If no…

5. Is it worth it to buy it at full price?

If no, don’t buy it. Wait to find it at a discounted price.

If yes, buy it!

And remember…

“It’s not a good deal if you don’t need it!”

What are your tips for decision making when it comes to purchases? Do you find the chart helpful? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a reply below!

12 thoughts on ““Should I Buy It?” A Helpful Chart for Frugal Families

    • Christina (Mrs. Saver) says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Taylor! Let us know if there are other topics or resources that would be helpful!


  1. Haley @ Cheap Recipe Blog says:

    This is great! It simplifies the process and makes you really think about what you’re considering purchasing.


  2. Emily Jividen says:

    Love the flowchart! I try to go through at least some of these steps, but I know I don’t always hit them all. I’m way too quick to pull the trigger instead of wait for a sale once I’ve decided to buy.


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